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Point Reyes National Seashore

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

I took a one day trip to Point Reyes National Seashore for my break yesterday, the Saturday right before the autumn quarter begins. For some reason I wanted to see the Pacific ocean; I occasionally feel like seeing some spacious sceneries for a change. Point Reyes National Seashore is one of the park preserves that are not so far from Stanford University.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t good; it was cloudy and foggy. But still I enjoyed taking a walk around Point Reyes Station and the Lighthouse. Here are several pictures:

There are several shops in Point Reyes Station. A store clerk in the bookstore in the middle of this picture was kind enough to give me a free map for the seashore and tell me the way to my destination, the Lighthouse.

This is Point Reyes Beach that goes along with the seashore. I wish it had been sunny.

You can come across wild animals like this deerlet.

These are trees which I think were probably bent due to the wind from the ocean.

The Lighthouse was encompassed with a fog. If it is sunny, one should be able to see the roundness of the earth with the sea horizon.

I saw some water birds pursuing fish in a marshland on my way back home from the Lighthouse.

Running in the U.S.

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

We finished final exams for the winter quarter last week, and now we have a one-week spring break. Yesterday I started running again. I ran around campus just for a while, and felt great after running. A few months ago, thankfully my father sent me my sportswear and armband for an iPod shuffle that I had been using when running in Tokyo. So I could enjoy running here at Stanford just as I had been doing there.

As I wrote in a previous post, some people around Stanford University are very active. I always see several people enjoying their exercise on campus. Some of them are such avid runners that they push a baby carriage with their baby or babies while running, though I think this is a little dangerous.

Once the spring quarter begins, probably I will be very busy again. But I’d like to enjoy myself doing exercise as much as possible. Incidentally, I am somewhat interested in the general relationships between physical activities and our brains. A suggestive (but informal) article on this topic is from PE for grad students.

Japanese cuisine in California

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

The other day I eventually missed Japanese cuisine because I hadn’t eaten any Japanese food since I entered the United States on July 26. So when I fortunately got some help to go to the Japantown in San Jose last Saturday, I was happy to purchase some Japanese food and enjoy tofu cuisine in a restaurant there.

On the following day, I cooked rice and pacific sauries myself. They are typical Japanese autumnal fish called “sanma” in Japan. I was really astonished at the taste of the rice because it was exactly the same as the one in Japan. This is in part because of my Zojiruji rice cooker which I bought online after arriving here, but probably it depends greatly on the result of some breed improvement in Californian rice. My roommate and his friends were also pleased with my cooking. Here is a picture of the cooking:

I know that once my classes start on September 21, I will be so busy that I may not make much time to cook my own food. I, however, would like to continue to do so as far as possible because basically I like eating at home and believe that Japanese food is the secret of the longevity of Japanese people.

My life in Palo Alto

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

I have lived in graduate housing on campus at Stanford University since the end of last month, and enjoyed the process of organizing my life here little by little. Usually I get up in the morning, and study English and computer science, and cook some simple dishes, and sometimes go to some stores around campus by bike. Of course, I have been doing a range of things besides these to settle in this place, and take care of some administrative things for the university, and prepare for my study and so on. Last night I enjoyed chatting with my family in Tokyo on Skype, and was amazed at their technology which offered high speech quality and little time difference in our speeches between California and Tokyo.

I recently noticed that some people around Stanford University are very active. While riding my bike on and off campus, I always see several people running or riding their bikes just for exercise. Stanford is teeming with natural treasures such as a lake, trees, birds and even squirrels, and has pedestrian-and-bike-friendly campus on top of that, so all those people probably find pleasure in their daily exercise. When I have more free time someday, I would like to enjoy exercise just like them.

My life in Berkeley

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Approximately two weeks have passed since I arrived at UC Berkeley, and I really feel how fast the time goes. I currently live in the International House at UC Berkeley and enjoy my life here. The Bay Area, including Berkeley, has such comfortable weather that I don’t need any help of air conditioners even in the summer months. I cannot get this comfort in Tokyo. And some people in Berkeley have very kind hearts. For example, when I was looking for an office and opening up my map on the street on campus, an elderly man volunteered to tell me the way to the office, although I didn’t ask him to do so.

I will leave Berkeley in a week, but would like to have more good memories of it. Below are the pictures that I took at UC Berkeley yesterday.

This is an entrance of Soda Hall, the building of the Computer Science Division.

These are some objects for display at the Soda Hall. The interesting ones on the right side were created for Geometric Modeling.

This is a small animal on campus which delighted me with its quick movements when I was taking a walk.

Photos of Tibet

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

This month has been unusually hectic because I attended three weddings of my friends. When I looked for some pictures to remind memories of them, I found nice ones of Tibet in our graduation trip. The spaciousness and whiteness of some buildings and temples in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, was so exotic and impressive to me.



A little lucky day

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Today I was in luck. What happened to me is actually something trivial in daily life but very rare. In the morning I didn’t watch weather forecasts to inform us that it would be rainy tonight, and went to our office by bike as usual. When I arrived at the office, my colleague told me what the weather forecast had said. So I managed to finish working and leave the office before it rained.

At the precise moment that I stopped my bike in front of my house, a delivery person brought a package to me. It contained the books I had bought on Amazon yesterday. It was just a perfect timing for me. Moreover, it began to rain gustily just a few minutes after I entered my house with the package and my bag! It was my lucky day.

April Fools’ Day news

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

In Japan, most of schools and companies commence their new year on April 1st. So the Japanese often make a clean start and get a little serious on that day. Partially because of that, some Japanese people don’t recall that the day is April Fools’ Day.

But in other countries, particularly in the United States, there seems a stronger tendency that lots of companies publish their own April Fools’ Day news on the Internet, and people play them on friends and colleagues. For example, some of them compete with one another and give rank to those jokes on the Internet.

Some Google’s hoaxes sound funny, and I wonder if they really enjoy and only half believe those. I will write down a link to Wikipedia which I referred to.