My Life in Pittsburgh

Today I will write a little about my life here in Pittsburgh, PA with several pictures. Pittsburgh is the third place for me to live in the U.S. I have just remembered that I wrote a post about my life in the first place (Berkeley, CA), and one about my life in the second place (Palo Alto, CA) before. I have been around in Pittsburgh for approximately seven months since I moved from California last August. This period was really hectic for me to get used to everything, but even so, I have found a couple of things that I like about Pittsburgh.

The first one is that Pittsburgh has a good public transportation system, particularly the bus service provided by the Port Authority of Allegheny County. They have such many bus lines that I can use them for various purposes, including my commute to Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). Although Stanford University provides shuttle service comparable to the similar one by CMU, I didn’t find such convenience in public bus service around Stanford.

The weather in Pittsburgh is also unexpectedly benign. It is colder in Pittsburgh than in California, of course. We do have some snow in winter, but by and large it has been exceptionally warm this winter. I will show you some pictures of Pittsburgh below.

These days I have been gearing up for the Ph.D. program of the Language Technologies Institute at CMU, which I will be enrolling in this August. While making efforts to prepare for the program, I would like to find more goodness and fun here in Pittsburgh for a change.

The Gates Hillman Complex (GHC) where I am currently working

The GHC building that you can see from the other side of the Randy Pausch Memorial Footbridge

The Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh

The Heinz Memorial Chapel close to the Cathedral of Learning

A spacious and gentle slope on campus at Chatham University

A scene in the Pittsburgh downtown area

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