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Libtree 0.1 released

Monday, June 20th, 2011

A tree is one of the most important and fundamental data structures in computer science. It is so fundamental that I have so far come across that data structure in my research and various classes quite frequently. As such, I have decided to release my own Java implementation of an abstract tree data structure and some associated operations that I think might be useful in different situations. You can see more information about the implementation, and download the code in the following web page: . I made the initial release as simple as possible, and the essential code just involves five Java files; I’m planning to enhance the software little by little as well as its documentation.

The commencement at Stanford

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Last Sunday I attended the 120th Stanford Commencement at the Stanford Stadium. This was the first time that I attended a commencement in the U.S. The stadium was filled with students’ families and friends, and I really felt great when standing in the field. The commencement had a hopeful atmosphere along with California’s typical sunny weather.

On the same day, I also attended the Computer Science Departmental diploma ceremony on the lawn of the Gates Building. I received a diploma of Master of Science in computer science. The very moment of the reception was the most impressive to me on that day. I got a little tan with the sunny weather, by the way.