Running in the U.S.

We finished final exams for the winter quarter last week, and now we have a one-week spring break. Yesterday I started running again. I ran around campus just for a while, and felt great after running. A few months ago, thankfully my father sent me my sportswear and armband for an iPod shuffle that I had been using when running in Tokyo. So I could enjoy running here at Stanford just as I had been doing there.

As I wrote in a previous post, some people around Stanford University are very active. I always see several people enjoying their exercise on campus. Some of them are such avid runners that they push a baby carriage with their baby or babies while running, though I think this is a little dangerous.

Once the spring quarter begins, probably I will be very busy again. But I’d like to enjoy myself doing exercise as much as possible. Incidentally, I am somewhat interested in the general relationships between physical activities and our brains. A suggestive (but informal) article on this topic is from PE for grad students.

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