Japanese cuisine in California

The other day I eventually missed Japanese cuisine because I hadn’t eaten any Japanese food since I entered the United States on July 26. So when I fortunately got some help to go to the Japantown in San Jose last Saturday, I was happy to purchase some Japanese food and enjoy tofu cuisine in a restaurant there.

On the following day, I cooked rice and pacific sauries myself. They are typical Japanese autumnal fish called “sanma” in Japan. I was really astonished at the taste of the rice because it was exactly the same as the one in Japan. This is in part because of my Zojiruji rice cooker which I bought online after arriving here, but probably it depends greatly on the result of some breed improvement in Californian rice. My roommate and his friends were also pleased with my cooking. Here is a picture of the cooking:

I know that once my classes start on September 21, I will be so busy that I may not make much time to cook my own food. I, however, would like to continue to do so as far as possible because basically I like eating at home and believe that Japanese food is the secret of the longevity of Japanese people.

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