My life in Palo Alto

I have lived in graduate housing on campus at Stanford University since the end of last month, and enjoyed the process of organizing my life here little by little. Usually I get up in the morning, and study English and computer science, and cook some simple dishes, and sometimes go to some stores around campus by bike. Of course, I have been doing a range of things besides these to settle in this place, and take care of some administrative things for the university, and prepare for my study and so on. Last night I enjoyed chatting with my family in Tokyo on Skype, and was amazed at their technology which offered high speech quality and little time difference in our speeches between California and Tokyo.

I recently noticed that some people around Stanford University are very active. While riding my bike on and off campus, I always see several people running or riding their bikes just for exercise. Stanford is teeming with natural treasures such as a lake, trees, birds and even squirrels, and has pedestrian-and-bike-friendly campus on top of that, so all those people probably find pleasure in their daily exercise. When I have more free time someday, I would like to enjoy exercise just like them.

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