My life in Berkeley

Approximately two weeks have passed since I arrived at UC Berkeley, and I really feel how fast the time goes. I currently live in the International House at UC Berkeley and enjoy my life here. The Bay Area, including Berkeley, has such comfortable weather that I don’t need any help of air conditioners even in the summer months. I cannot get this comfort in Tokyo. And some people in Berkeley have very kind hearts. For example, when I was looking for an office and opening up my map on the street on campus, an elderly man volunteered to tell me the way to the office, although I didn’t ask him to do so.

I will leave Berkeley in a week, but would like to have more good memories of it. Below are the pictures that I took at UC Berkeley yesterday.

This is an entrance of Soda Hall, the building of the Computer Science Division.

These are some objects for display at the Soda Hall. The interesting ones on the right side were created for Geometric Modeling.

This is a small animal on campus which delighted me with its quick movements when I was taking a walk.

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