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Summer school

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Although it took a couple of weeks to choose a summer school suitable for me, I have finally made a decision to attend the summer English program at UC Berkeley. More specifically, I will take two courses of the ESL 9 during the session E (7/27 – 8/14): “Grammar and Vocabulary for Written English” and “Oral Communication Skills.”

At first, I wanted to attend the EFS 688 at Stanford University because it seems very intensive and practical for an international graduate student like me. I realized, however, that I would not be able to finish my preparation for the transition to the United States by the beginning date of the program. So I was looking for another school.

While I searched for the summer program, I noticed that there were few programs which met my needs in terms of the duration, tuition and location. In the end, I selected the program at UC Berkeley. According to the website for the program, both teachers for the courses that I will take have broad experience of teaching ESL. I am looking forward to studying English from those teachers.