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Expressions showing a feeling of anger

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

Although this may be wrong, I have recently wondered that English has more expressions showing a feeling of anger than Japanese. For instance, I found the following words and phrases: angry, rage, outrage, indignant, upset, resent, wrath, bristle, take offense, and fly off the handle. Is it just me who thinks so? There seem to be some nuances to pay attention to among those words, and now it is difficult for me to use them with complete understanding of their difference.

Of course, there are lots of differences between English and Japanese except for this, but it has made me more interested lately because the difference seems particularly large. Considering the fact that languages can be affected to some extent by local history in the place where people used them, perhaps we can state that this linguistic feature in English has something to do with history of England or the United States. But I am not so sure about that.